Terms & Conditions





1. Photo copy of current business license.

2. Photo copy of Sales Tax Permit (If applicable)

3. Business Card or Company Letter Head or Photo of actual Business location.

4. Dealer Application & Payment Guarantee Form (Completed)



1. PREPAID: Certified Check, Bank Wire, Interac Etransfer. (1% Discount provided on prepaid purchases, excluding shipping and taxes)

2. COD: Cash or Certified Check (subject to approval), Interac e-tranfer

3. CREDIT CARD: Mastercard and Visa are accepted.



All prices and discounts are subject to change without notice. Racing Piping Inc has a best price matching policy on all brands of which we are a direct distributor. Visual and written verifiable proof must be provided. Contact us for the terms and conditions of this policy.



To order, please email info@racingpiping.com. Alternatively, you may place an order by phone at (514) 747-4644 or by fax to (514) 360-3883. A manufacturer part number must be provided for all items you are requesting. If no part number is provided, Racing Piping Inc. will not be held responsible for any issues that may follow.



We will ship all back orders as soon as possible. If you wish to have back order items cancelled, please provide written notice by email. Once the order has been placed, an order cancellation cannot be accepted.



Stock items are items that we normally keep in stock.



When a part or a product is not a stock item, you are required to submit your order using the item's official manufacturer's part number in writing (email or fax). We may require prepayment of Special Order items. WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY RETURN ON Special order items. Submitting special order items in writing ensures the item requested is ordered correctly. If you do not submit your special order item in writing, you are waiving this protection. We will not be responsible if the special order item you received is not the item you needed unless the special order process described here was followed, and the mistake is proven to be on our side. Racing Piping Inc is not liable for any errors due to the failure to follow the special order items process.



Parcels are picked up between 3:30pm-4:00pm every day by our courier service provider. To receive your shipment the next business day from the order date, you must submit your full order no later than 3:00pm. You will be charged a $20 service fee, in addition to the cost of shipping, should a next business day order be placed after 3:00pm.



Only authorized company personnel may pick up products at Racing Piping Inc.



Racing Piping Inc. accepts returns on stock items that are in ‘NEW’ condition. That includes the packaging of the item. You will receive a credit on file (COF) if your return is accepted. You have 30 days starting at invoice date to return a stock item. After that delay, we will charge a 20% restocking fee, minimum $5.00. After 60 days from the invoice date, the restocking fee will be 30%, minimum $10.00. No returns after 90 days*. Returns must be accompanied by the original invoice(s) and/or proof of payment. The date of the invoice is considered ‘Day 0’ in the return process. This is because after that delay, we have replenished our inventory with the products you are returning, and your return is now making us ‘over stock’ on the returned item. No returns on electronic products or turbochargers or intercoolers. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY RETURN ON SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS. *Conditions may apply.



All returns must be accompanied by a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Contact us for details.



Racing Piping Inc. will assist with warranty claims, where possible. Some companies will require that the end user handles the warranty claim directly. Special order items are not warrantied through Racing Piping Inc. Should we be able to assist with a warranty claim, fees generated by said claim will be charged to our customer.



We offer shipping to USA and other countries by UPS, Ocean Freight and Air Freight. All orders must be pre-paid. There is no backorder service. All shipping and handling charges must be pre-paid. The carrier will collect any other export/import fees and duties; this is the sole responsibility of the customer.



Prices do not include freight charges. Special prices or discount will not qualify for free freight.



Some drop ship orders are subject to a $9.00 handling fee, so long as the item is a `stock item' and we are not `out of stock'.



A 24% A.P.R. (2% monthly interest charge) will be applied to all past due invoice(s). If we do not receive payment for the invoice 5 days after the due date (grace period), a $20.00 penalty fee (in addition to the interest charge) will be added for each invoice that is not paid in a timely matter. A second late payment will incur interest fees applied again to the invoice and a $50.00 penalty fee will be added. We reserve the right to change the terms of payment of your company.



If a check is returned for any reason, a $25.00 service charge will be made, and all shipments will be permanently returned to “COD: CASHONLY” or “PREPAID: CERTIFIED CHECK” status.



all parts shall remain the property of Racing Piping Inc. until paid for in full.



As your company owner/president/Legal representative, you are deemed responsible to pay any amount owed to Racing Piping Inc. personally, should your company be no longer able to pay. Should there be more than one representative; Racing Piping Inc will consider all representatives to be fully responsible of the entirety of the debt. If your company declares bankruptcy, is sold or closed for business, you accept to pay the amounts owed personally.



if we do not receive payment for the invoice in a timely manner, Racing Piping Inc. will turn the account and outstanding payments to the collection agency. Once your company is turned over to the collection agency, your company will be responsible for any fee charged by the collection agency, interest charge, and any other applicable charges.



Damaged shipments should be checked in the presence of the carrier. All claims for damage or loss to your shipment must be made with the carrier within 24 hours. Please keep all shipment cartons and packing material for carrier inspection. Racing Piping Inc. will not initiate any claims with the carrier. Claims for shortage of items or damaged shipments must be made within 2 working days of receipt.



Racing Piping Inc. reserves all the right to terminate any account that does not meet the above terms and conditions.



In the event that legal proceedings are required to resolve a dispute, all claim and filing must be made with the Supreme Court of Quebec or the Small Claims Court of Quebec. Attorney fee, court costs and any other fee incurred to Racing Piping Inc. shall be your responsibility.



We handle new dealer applications within 48 business hours. If you have not heard back from us after that delay, it would be recommended to contact us. It is likely that we will require you to provide us with your signed copy of this dealer agreement, as we may have not received the electronic version of said document.